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Digital Friendly Living

As pandemic living gradually becomes the norm,
our relationship with the digital world is changing into a stronger bond.

Can we imagine life without digital...?

Illustration by Molly Chiba

© MollyChiba

[SPINNUTS. No.110]

Magazines in which my manuscripts have been published.

Release date: 24 June 2022

Magazine name: [SPINNUTS. No110]

Publisher: [SPIN HOUSE PONTA.]

Language: Japanese

We often hear people around us say they are 'digitally challenged'. But what about TV and radio? For years, many households, regardless of age, have been operating their TV sets as a matter of convention. 'How do you watch TV?' I have never heard those words. Over time, we have developed strong bonds with many digital devices. As we enter the age of pandemics, this is happening at an even faster pace.

In this writing, I have given the title Digital Friendly Living as a sequel to my previous article Digital and the Fashion Industry.

I hope you enjoy it in the magazine SPINNUTS. issue 110. (Written on the back cover side/p. 3-4/all two pages)

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