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Here are the pages that introduce you to the people I am connected with.
Please take a look at each of their pages.

Wool and publishing "SPIN HOUSE PONTA."
SPIN HOUSE PONTA. is headed by a very nice sheep enthusiast. In addition to selling wool, she also publishes a unique booklet called "SPINNUTS.", which is about sheep-related topics such as food, clothing and shelter. SPINNUTS. is the only magazine in Japan dedicated to knitting, weaving and felting, and has been around since 1985. Location is Japan, Kyoto.

Wool art and Whale lover "ma-rima-ru.kamakura
The powerful and smiling ma-rima-ru is a freelance artist based in Japan, Kamakura city. Her motto is "making things that deliver your thoughts" and she uses wool felt to create sea creatures with messages about biodiversity, the environment and society.

Makanai Boss - Calorie eater
This is a gourmet Youtube channel edited by one of my seniors who was a great help to me when I was working for a TV station in Japan. This channel is about the "makanai" of a ramen restaurant in Gunma prefecture, near Tokyo, Japan.

Liaozhai: A Cryptohistory
"Liaozhai: A Cryptohistory" is a website translated and maintained by my favourite English tutor, who is from the UK. This is a wonderful website where you can enjoy in English the strange and mysterious story of Liaozhai, a Chinese man who has been loved by people all over the world for centuries. Please take a look at the website.

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