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My job purpose
Based in Japan and the UK, it focuses on the traditional biodegradable material 'wool', the traditional sport 'football' and the 'fashion industry', with the aim of helping to re-popularise their appeal and pass them on sustainably to future generations.

*Why choose 'wool' as a traditional material:
The reason why I focus on wool is because wool is a biodegradable resource, therefore it can be returned to the soil with no waste. Wool has a lot of features, such as durability and being fast-drying, deodorising and wind-resistant, and also wool can be recycled as a circular resource. For these reasons, I believe wool is an essential resource in order to combine the environment and the fashion industry.
My job's further details
I am re-promoting in two ways.

(1) I will provide information and promote re-popularisation to the media in Japan and abroad through coverage based in two countries, Japan and the UK.

(2)I will be re-popularising the three themes in a 'project format', where I will demonstration experiment them myself.

About job requests
All information on the content of the interviews and the demonstration experiment (project content) is collected on the Blog page.
We accept requests for media coverage of the contents and online events, both in Japan and abroad.
Unauthorised transcription or secondary use is strictly prohibited. For more information, please see my
Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about my work, please do not hesitate and feel free to contact me.
You can use the contact form on the
Contact page

About me

Molly Chiba / Japanese, born in February 1982
After working as a sales representative for a Japanese media company in the publishing, entertainment, and TV industries,
I began to work on international cooperation projects after the Japan Earthquake in 2011.
After that, I worked for a fashion company in Japan as a salesperson and sustainability promoter.
Since 2022, I have been working independently as a feature writer.
I specialise in writing, reporting and analysing articles on three themes: wool, the fashion industry and the relationship and culture between football and fashion.
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