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Who am I? Why I dive into the writing profession and my little background. 私は一体、何者なのか?


Hi, I'm Molly. My English name is Molly but I was born in Japan and am purely Japanese.

I have started an independent job as a feature writer since 2022.

You can read a bit more about me on my profile page, but I'd like to go into a bit more detail here.



Autumn of 2011 / Miyagi prefecture / Kesennuma city / Japan/ ©️MollyChiba

On the 11th of March 2011, Japan was hit by a disaster of global proportions, later named the "The Japan Earthquake". The damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami was so unbelievable that people will probably never forget this huge disaster.

This catastrophe inspired me to get involved in the recovery effort.

I had previously worked as a publicist for some Japanese media, and the disaster came at a time when I was ready to put my TV experience to good use in the field of media production.




Autumn of 2011 / Miyagi prefecture / Ishinomaki city / Japan/ ©️MollyChiba

In the autumn of 2011, I returned to the disaster area where my parents live, and while I was working to support the recovery efforts, I was very impressed by the numerous aid cooperation projects I saw from abroad. The year after the earthquake, journalists from some countries rushed to Japan so that they could help the local people face to face and also to investigate what was happening there.

It made me realise that Japan is supported by so many countries. Therefore, it made me interested in supporting and cooperating with other countries from Japan.



Autumn of 2014 / Cebu city / The Philippines/ ©️MollyChiba

Then, I joined an NGO and some international volunteer groups, mainly in Southeast Asia, as an individual to gain experience in supporting international cooperation.

After this experience, I joined a major Japanese fast fashion company and decided that I wanted to pursue CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), where companies, rather than individuals, work with local communities and overseas aid.



Spring of 2019 / Kagawa prefecture / Teshima island / Japan/ ©️MollyChiba

At that time, the word "sustainability" was beginning to appear in the world, and companies were being urged to commit themselves to the SDGs set out by the United Nations.

I worked as a clothes salesperson and was in charge of promoting the company's sustainability initiatives. It was this role that led me to become the feature writer I am today.



Location Japan / ©️MollyChiba

I was quite interested in the materials used for our clothes, especially as there were many aspects of our products that were not clear, such as the materials they were made from, where they were made from, how they were made and the safety of the workers.

I was particularly interested in the materials used to make the clothes, not the new plant-based materials such as 'vegan leather', but wool, which has a long history.

I wondered why wool had survived for so long as a material for clothing and also, it surely has many qualities that the newer materials do not have.



And then, at the end of 2020, I left my full-time job and set up my own business as a 'feature writer', writing articles focusing on specific areas.

I have three areas of expertise.

1, 'Wool'.

2, 'Fashion industry'

3, "The relationship/culture between football and fashion"

I write, interview and analyse articles specialising in these three themes and disseminate them in Japan and internationally.

It aims to fulfil its role as a 'sustainable' link to future generations.

I would like to ensure that the long history of the wool and fashion industry, as well as football and fashion culture, are not lost to the future, but passed on to the next generation.

*More specific job details can be found on the Profile page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long story!

I look forward to working with you in the future:)











See you soon!


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