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Tell me! British football supporters’ inside stories



Millions of people feel the attraction of football. And those supporters who know the history and meaning of football are even more fascinated.

This series of interviews are a record of the memorable games of supporters in the UK, the sacred land of football, and their thoughts of living with football for future generations.


The interview date: May 2022 / Dec 2022

ニューカッスル・ユナイテッド サポーター

Episode1:Newcastle United Football Club supporter













Name: Daniel [Dan]

Occupation: English teacher

Areas of activity:

Scotland, South of England

Years as a supporter: 37 or 38 years

Dislikes: All things modern

Likes: Reading, nature walks,

interacting with animals, listening to music and singing

Food in the UK that you would recommend to Japanese people:

I'd recommend all the different kinds of puddings we have in the UK! I used to eat a bread and butter pudding as a child. It's very tasty with lots of raisins, dried fruit and cinnamon flavour. I would also recommend fish and chips as a traditional dish. Not very healthy, but tasty. And also pies, for example, shepherd's pie, cottage pie and then steak and ale pie.


ダニエルさん(以下ダンさん)は、現在イギリス南部で暮らしているが、子供の頃に育った地域がニューカッスル・ユナテッドFCの本拠地、ニューカッスル・アポン・タインにやや近いこともあり、当時父親に連れられて初めてクラブのスタジアムで試合を観戦してから、サポーターになった。実は、ダンさんはそれ以前はそんなにフットボールに対して、特に興味はなかったと語る。 Daniel (hereafter Dan) is living in the south of England, but he grew up somewhat close to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, home of Newcastle United FC, and became a supporter after his father took him to his first match at the club's stadium.

In fact, Dan says that he was not particularly interested in football before that.


"I went to my first Newcastle v Nottingham Forest game with my dad when I was about 12 or 13 [in 1986] and it was so good, the players and the play was so good, I actually became a real supporter after that game, and to become a supporter as a teenager is a bit on the late side."

当時、そのニューカッスル v ノッティンガム・フォレストの試合がどんな内容だったのか覚えていますか?Do you remember what that Newcastle v Nottingham Forest game was about at the time?



“I have a match programme from back then [1986], here.

In the 1980s, Nottingham Forest were famous for being one of the strongest clubs in the UK. The club manager at the time was the famous Brian Clough, who I think is probably the best manager in British history."


“The result of the match was 3-2, and Newcastle scored some very good goals. In particular, one of the great players was then Peter Beardsley. We scored some incredible, brilliant goals in that game.”


Dan's memories of the match, which he saw and felt with his own eyes in 1986, still contain the excitement and emotion of that time in his every word. It is so valuable that I would like to share it with Newcastle supporters who did not know about those days.

The game of English football in the 1980s was freer and closer to the community and the public than it is today. It was a time before the so called "money game".

ニューカッスル・ユナテッドFCが、ニューカッスルという地域に対して、どんな影響を与えていると感じますか? What impact do you feel Newcastle United FC has on the region of Newcastle?




“Most cities in the UK have two clubs in one area, but in the Newcastle upon Tyne area there is only one, Newcastle United FC.There used to be two clubs, but they were combined into one and became Newcastle United FC.

So it's a club that everyone in the community cares about very much, and because of that, there are a lot of expectations.

For example, you can tell the result of a game on a match day in Newcastle by walking around the city and looking at the expressions on the faces of the people in the surrounding communities. That's how passionate the local people are about the club. I think people's lives and the club are very close."


What do you think is different about football in the past and today?



‘Nowadays, I hardly ever watch football in a stadium.

There are two reasons, one is the distance from home and the other is the high price of tickets. In the past, when I was a kid, tickets were not so expensive and you could buy standing room for a little money. But nowadays they are very expensive as season tickets and it is difficult to get them easily. The last time I went to a match at the stadium was when I was at university."


As Dan feels, the rising cost of tickets is a problem in the modern football world. While many people are no longer able to casually watch games in stadiums, it has become easier to watch games from the comfort of their own IT devices at home, for example through internet streaming services. This can be seen as a good thing, as it is more in tune with modern lifestyles, but I believe that the best part of football is still to actually feel the game in the stadium.


Do you have a memorable Match-day menu?



'Hmmm, I've never eaten at the stadium. I don't know why, because when I was a kid, every Saturday at 3pm was the traditional time for football games in the UK, and when that happened, I'd already had lunch. But I'd go to the game with my dad and we'd get home just about 5pm and on the way home we'd buy some fish and chips and eat them."




Nowadays, many stadiums offer different types of food menus at all times, some of which are changing based on people's dietary habits, such as vegan, halal and vegetarian.

In addition, stadiums are no longer simply football facilities, but are increasingly taking on the role of multi-purpose commercial facilities for local revitalisation.

For example, Everton's new stadium, due to open in the Premier League 2023/24 season, is said to be the very first state-of-the-art stadium.

少し話はクラブのことに戻りますが、プレミアリーグ22/23シーズンのニューカッスル・ユナイテッドFCの状態についてどう思いますか? Going back to the club for a moment, what do you think of the state of Newcastle United FC in the Premier League 22/23 season?




“I felt the first half of last season (20/21) was not so good, but that I feels they have improved very much from the second half to the present (22/23 season). I think that's largely due to the ability of manager Eddie Howe and also because of the way he motivates his players. And I think there's also the support of the local supporters."



I hope that these very interesting details, including Daniel (Dan)'s history of football in the 1980s and the connection between Newcastle United FC and the local community, can be shared widely through this article. Football is perceived differently by different viewers. I will continue to track down these historical moments from the past as seen through the unique eyes of football supporters!

Thank you for reading this article, and thanks a lot, Dan!

See you soon! Molly

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